The Percy Hedley Foundation

The Percy Hedley Foundation is a great charity supporting children, young people and adults with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

The charity is one of the largest regional charities supporting disabled people. Our size enables us to provide a wide range of services to over 1000 families each year. We aim to support disabled people and their families through the effective delivery of specialist services that are of an outstanding quality.

By riding 3000 miles across America, we aim to fund a new sensory room for the charity. Sensory rooms or multi-sensory rooms come in many different formats. It is the general term for a relaxing or stimulating space away from everyday life. An area that is fascinating to the user and a place they will look forward to using. They can be designed to be passive & calming, through to complete computer controlled lighting, sound, video and aromas, all activated by the user.

Sensory rooms are ideal for a child with cerebral palsy, they can provide relaxation and de-escalation to improve the general state of mind, but sensory rooms can also be interactive to improve motor skills and provide great cause and effect learning. As users are often in control of products and colours, this allows a feeling of security to develop, allowing them to explore feelings, tactile experiences and communicate skills which would all have been previously intimidating.

Rooms traditionally include products such as bubble tubes, fibre optics and projectors, but the onset of IT based education has seen some real changes to the standard sensory room. Educational themes are now often used to enhance the user’s learning and create an all encompassing environment . These themes can be crafted to develop the user’s transferable life skills to ensure that real learning is achieved.

A sensory room can a wonderful experience for both children and adults.