Telematics is the integration of telecommunication and information processing systems to gather, process and analyse data relating to fleet activity.

Blue Line Telematics offers a self-managing reporting system – generating automatic and instant responses. This creates a competitive advantage by streamlining systems and improving working practices. Fleets and individuals have their own particular set of needs, so finding and tailoring the right system is vital to ensure maximum benefit.

Our customised, instant reports help fleet managers to plan and deploy vehicles effectively and manage fleet maintenance and activity to save time and money and offer customers a reliable, high quality and efficient service.

We offer four types of tracking units – an OBD plug-in (on-board diagnostics), a hardwired concealed unit, a tractor trailer unit and a driver identifying fob system for multi-driver fleets.


Blue Line Telematics encourages reductions in:

  • Fuel costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • Insurance premiums
  • Communication costs.
Blue Line Telematics encourages increased
  • More client visits per day
  • Team utilisation.
  • Prompt appointments.
  • Working time directive compliance.
  • Operational efficiency.