3000 Miles Across America

3 years ago Jonny cycled from Tynemouth to Whitehaven and back to Tynemouth in 20 hours in aid of the Percy Hedley Foundation. The challenge of this ride got him pondering about the possibility of a larger ride which would be higher profile and thus raise more funds for a very deserving cause.

Whilst sat having a coffee 2 years ago Jonny told me that he was considering riding across the USA. Initially I was to be his support driver but decided following what must have been a particularly strong Americano to undertake this great physical and mental challenge with him. I decided that following a frustrating season trying to play football (and constantly being injured), I should give this up and take up cycling which is something I hadn’t done since a child.

The challenge that we aim to undertake is to cycle from Los Angeles on the West coast of America to New York on the East. We are aiming to achieve this in the calendar month of October which will average out at just over 100 miles per day (the total calculated route is 3177 miles).

The ride will take in many challenges including riding through Death Valley where the temperatures may be 35 degrees and then up to 11,500 feet in the Rockies where the temperatures will drop into low single figures and oxygen will be scarce.

The ride will then go on into Utah and the salt flats where there are very long and very straight roads. At this point the greatest challenge will be the winds and the mental challenge of seeming to go nowhere.

We then cycle across the plains of mid-America before riding into the conurbations of Indianapolis and Philadelphia before finishing off in New York and the southern-most tip of Manhattan at Battery Park.

The rewarding cause for this challenge is to raise money for the installation of a new sensory room at the primary school site of The Percy Hedley Foundation in Forest Hall.